We do a variety of routine and non-routine surgeries. Spays and neuters are some of the more common procedures we do. Dental cleanings are another popular surgery. Whether your pet is a senior and needs extensive cleaning, or if you’re just having a prophylactic dental done, we are here to make it possible. Deciduous teeth removal is a procedure we occasionally do when a puppy has not lost its baby teeth and is past the age of losing them on their own.

Subsequently, the adult teeth will grow in and make the mouth very crowded and may cause more dental issues in the future. Mass removals are more common than we would like them to be. Some mass removals are to take off benign fatty tumors. Others are unfortunately to remove malignant masses. When a patient has bladder stones, we perform what is called a cystotomy to remove the stones from the patient’s bladder. Enucleations are performed when an eye removal is needed due to glaucoma or a vastly traumatic injury.

An Exploratory (also known as a Laparotomy) is a surgery with a purpose of finding something internal that is making the pet sick. We perform these in the event that we cannot see anything with radiographs or other testing.

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