In-house Lab and Radiology

Having an in-house lab station makes diagnostic blood-work able to be interpreted within minutes. This enables our doctors to assemble a treatment plan faster, giving owners the reassurance and understanding they need. Although we do most blood-work and tests in-house, some specialty tests, blood-work, and biopsies have to be sent to a reference lab. Having yearly blood-work can help detect the onset of diseases early, as well as providing us with a healthy baseline blood panel. We always recommend performing blood-work before surgeries as well. This gives us an internal snapshot before putting a patient under anesthesia.

Another vital tool in diagnosis is our digital X-ray system. Our technicians are able to capture images of a patient within seconds. These X-rays provide the doctor with what they need to find foreign bodies, detect some internal organ diseases, and also show bladder stones. With all these tools combined, we feel confident that we can provide your furry family members with everything they need to live a happy and healthy life!

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