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We Don’t Just Love Our Clients – We Love Your Pets Like Our Own.

Animal Medical Professionals of Ooltewah (AMP) is located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. AMP is the only full-service and AAHA-accredited small animal preventative, medical, surgical and medical boarding facility in Ooltewah. We strive to provide the area’s most advanced pet health care, with a compassionate and relaxing environment for our patients and their families.

Our commitment to the belief that “Pets are Family” means the care we give to your pets will be the same as if they were our own. We hope that our services, prices, and facilities exceed your expectations.

Emergency After Hours

We are glad to refer all after-hours pet medical emergencies to
Veterinary Care and Specialty Group


Proud to call ourselves an AAHA-accredited animal hospital.
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Services that we offer


pet medical boarding services

We offer convenient cat and dog medical boarding options within our clinic so you can vacation easily. Schedule Today.

Vet-supervised Pet Medical Boarding

Our medical boarding facilities require that all pets are fully vaccinated and have had a physical exam within the past year.


angel fund

Our Angel Fund assists families, neighbors, and friends in caring for their furry loved ones when they need it most.

Giving Needy Pets a Chance

We're glad to work to help those pets who have a serious condition with no one to care for them. Every donation helps!


diagnostic lab

Through blood-work and X-rays, we can diagnose most pet issues on-site here at Animal Medical Professionals.

Learn Exactly What Ails Them

Yearly blood-work can help detect the onset of diseases early and digital X-rays can reveal problems within seconds.


Endoscopy & Ultrasound

We offer in-house Endoscopy and Ultrasound services as additional services for your pets.

Tools For Your Pets

We are proud to be able to offer these additional services for use as tools to help diagnose and treat your pets!


pet surgery

We offer pet surgery services to treat the most severe conditions so your pet can live a better life. Call us today.

Everything Your Pet Needs

We do a variety of routine and non-routine surgeries. Spays and neuters are some of our more common procedures.

AAHA Accredited

They’re more than pets … they are our companions.

They are our family, our friends. For them, we offer the most excellent care. They’re the reason we became veterinarians.

We hold ourselves to a higher level of service because we’re an AAHA-accredited hospital. That means we’re evaluated according to 900+ standards such as emergency care, surgery protocols, and even pain management.


What is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) is a fairly large worm up to 14 inches long that, in adulthood, lives in the heart and pulmonary arteries of an infected dog. Dogs aquire this…

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